Md. Shaddam Hossain Bagmar

Assistant Professor

Office: On study leave


Research Interests

  • Causal Inference, Design of Experiments, Biostatistics, Bayesian Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Time Series Modeling, Multivariate Data Analysis


Research Students


  1. Farabi Raihan Shuvo (Batch-16), Comparing Different Optimal Criteria in Search of
    Optimal Block Designs, 2014.
  2. Nahid Istiak (Batch-18), D-optimal Designs for Non-linear Mixed Eect Models Using MCMC Approach, 2016.


  1. Sunanda Das, Batch-16 (MS), Economic Growth Response to Monetary and Fiscal
    Policies: Evidence From Bangladesh Economy, 2014
  2. Md Mahamudul Hasan, Batch-17 (4th Year), Impact of Housing Enviornment on
    Poverty in Bangladesh, 2014
  3. Jannatul Ferdaush, Batch-17 (4th Year), Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Trends and
    Determinants, 2014


  1. Shah Md. Amin Ahsan, Batch-17 (MS- Intern), Digitalization of Trade License Delivery in Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) area, 2015
  2. Shamima Pervin, Batch-17 (MS- Intern), Simplified Pension Procedure for Primary School Teachers, 2015
  3. MD. Maidul Husain, Batch-18 (4th Year), Modeling Household Fertility Decision with Generalized Poisson Regression, 2015
  4. Dutiswar Paul, Batch-18 (4th Year), Factors Eecting Diabetic Status Considering
    Gender Disparity in Bangladesh, 2015