Dr. M. Shafiqur Rahman


Office: Room 107
Email: shafiq@isrt.ac.bd
Research Interests
  • Risk prediction models
  • Causal inference
  • Modeling clustered/longitudinal data
  • Medical statistics and public health
Publications (selected)
Methodological Research Papers:
*indicates student supervised paper
Multidisciplinary Research Papers:

 For full list of publication visit Google Scholar and Research Gate.

Future Research Projects (MS thesis):
  • Relative risk regression for binary data from complex survey design.
  • Dealing with separation in quasi-likelihood method for over-dispersed data.
  • Post prediction inference in healthcare research.
 Research Students (for MS thesis in Applied Statistics):
  • Raisa Shamma (2020-2021): Information criteria for penalized likelihood approach in generalized linear models
  • Safwan Shihab (2019-2020): Estimating causal effect of time dependent exposure on survival outcome.
  • Silvia Khanam (2019-2020): On the second order bias reduction in the generalized linear models.
  • Argha Dhar (2019-2020): Evaluation of the methods for estimating causal effect with binary outcome : A simulation study.
  • Ariful Islam Sanim (2018-2019): On estimating average treatment effect of rare exposure in observational studies: sample size consideration and bias correction.
  • Md. Rasel (2018-2019): Dynamic prediction using landmark model: A simulation study to evaluate performance of different landmark approaches.
  • Tasneem Fatima Alam (2017-2018): Estimation and Inference for Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) models with small or rare event survival data.
  • Nowrin Nusrat (2017-2018): Dealing with separation or near-to-separation in the model for multinomial response.
  • Ema Akter (2017-2018):  Using Jeffreys-and logF(1,1)-prior based penalized methods for propensity score models with rare exposure.
  • Muntaha Mushfiquee (2016-2017):  Propensity score based adjustment for covariate effects on classification accuracy of biomarker using ROC curve.
  • Tanzila Rahman Mou (2016-2017): Using penalized methods for propensity score model with rare exposure in observation studies with binary outcome.
  • Momenul Haque Mondol (2015-2016): Bias reduced and separation-proof  generalized estimating equation for correlated binary data.
  • Avizit Adhikary (2015-2016): Application of Firth’s type penalized method to Cox PH framework for developing predictive models with sparse or highly censored survival data.
  • Md. Maidul Husain (2015-2016): Covariates adjusted area under ROC curve in the presence of measurement error.
  • Mahbuba Sultana (2014-2015):  An evaluation of penalized likelihood methods for developing binary risk models with rare events.
  • Md. Moniruzzaman (2014-2015): Prediction in the random effects logistic model for clustered binary data.
  • Afrin Sadia Rumana (2013-2014): Concordance measures for evaluating the added predictive ability of new risk factors in logistic regression models: An alternative to the existing measures.
  • Mohammad Junayed Bhuyan (2013-2014): Generalized Bernoulli model for correlated binary responses with an application to child nutrition data in Bangladesh
  • Tanjina Rahman (2013-2014): Concordance statistics for evaluating the predictive performance of stratified Cox proportional hazard models.
  • Biplob Biswas (2012-2013):  Concordance statistics and discrimination in logistic regression models.
  • Ariful Bhuiyan (2012-2013): Measures of predictive accuracy and explained variation for survival risk models.

Funded Research:

  • Geographical variation in the prevalence and pattern of chronic diseases in Bangladesh: A Bayesian spatial analysis of national health survey data (2021). DU Centennial Research Grant.
  • Disease Mapping in Bangladesh (2015): A case study with hypertension and diabetes. DU Research Grant.
Awards and Grants
  • Dean Award (2019). Awarded by the Faculty of Science, University of Dhaka for research paper publication.
  • Educational Ambassadorship (2015). Awarded by the American Statistical Association (ASA).
  • Conference Scientist Award (2015). Awarded by the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) in the 36th Annual Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Travel Grant (2014). Funded by the Word Bank and ISI for attending Regional Statistics Congress, 16-20 November 2014, Malayesia.
  • Research Grant (2013-2014). Funded by the University Grant Commission Bangladesh for the project entitled “Disease mapping in Bangladesh”.
  • Costas Goutis Prize (2010). Awarded by the Department of Statistical Science, UCL, UK for research student excellence.
  • Travel Grant (2013). Funded by the Word Bank and ISI for attending 59th ISI World Statistics Congress, 25-30 August 2013, Hongkong.
Courses currently teaching
  •  Longitudinal Data Analysis (Postgraduate level)
  • Statistical Computing: GLM and Survival Analysis (Undergraduate level)
Recent Teaching
  • Lifetime Data Analysis (Undergraduate level)
  • Epidemiology (Undergraduate level)
  • Design of Experiments (Undergraduate level)
  • Generalized Linear Models (Undergraduate level)
  • Meta Analysis. (Postgraduate level)
  • Statistical Computing: Survival Analysis and GLM (Undergraduate level)
  • Life member of the Bangladesh Statistical Association (BSA)
  • Member of the International Biometric Society (IMS)
  • Member of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB)
  • Member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI)