The 2020 ISCB CASc Awards, StCA awards and conference funds (CFDC) received by three ISRT faculty members and five MS students

ISRT is very pleased to announce that eight members of the ISRT family including three faculty members and five current and former MS students have been named the recipients of several awards by the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) this year. Dr. Anower Hossain (Associate Professor) has been awarded the ISCB Conference Fund for Developing Countries (CFDC). Tasneem Fatima Alam (Lecturer) , Md. Mynul Islam (Lecturer) and Nayma Hossain (Former MS student; Supervisor: Dr. Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan) have received the ISCB Conference Awards for Scientists (CASc). Moreover, Sabbir Ahmed Hemo (Supervisor: Dr. Anower Hossain), an MS student from batch 21 has been granted the Student Conference Award (StCA). Md. Ariful Islam Sanim (Supervisor: Dr. M Shafiqur Rahman) , Dip Das (Supervisor: Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan) and Rubaiya (Supervisor: Dr Mohaimen Mansur) from Batch 21 have also received the Conference Funds (CFDC). The 41st Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB41) was supposed to take place on 23-27 August, 2020 in Kraków, Poland. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the ISCB41 has been converted into a virtual conference. Details are given bellow.

ISRT family congratulates all of the recipients for their success.


Recipient’s Name Award name Supervisor Topic name
Dr. Anower Hossain CFDC   Estimating standard errors of Kaplan-Meier estimators in cluster randomized trials
Tasneem Fatima Alam CASc   Bias reduction and solution to separation in the AFT models for small or rare event survival data
Md. Mynul Islam CASc   A spatial multilevel model using conditional autoregressive processes
Nayma Hossain CASc Dr. Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan Iterative Least-squares Regression with Censored Data: A Survival Ensemble of Learning Machine
Sabbir Ahmed Hemo StCA Dr. Anower Hossain


Performance of Inverse Probability Weighting Compared to Multiple Imputation for Missing Binary Outcome in CRT
Dip Das CFDC


Dr. Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan Embedded Likelihood Function based Estimation under Accelerated Failure Time Models for Clustered Censored Data
Md. Ariful Islam Sanim CFDC


Dr. M Shafiqur Rahman On Estimating Average Treatment Effect of rare exposure: Sample size consideration and bias correction
Rubaiya CFDC


Dr Mohaimen Mansur Modeling and Mapping Low Birth-Weights: Role of Interactions among Socio-economic Determinants and Spatial Adjustment