ISRT faculty received gold medals

Mr. A.S.M. Borhan, lecturer of Applied Statistics, has received three gold medals at the 44th convocation of University of Dhaka. He secured highest marks in his MS final examination among the students of all departments under the Faculties of Science, Biological Sciences and Pharmacy. The medals are from 61 Engineers Club Trust Fund’s gold medal, Ashalata … [ Read More ]

Journal of Statistical Research

Journal of Statistical Research, popularly known as JSR is an official publication of the Institute of Statistical Research and Training. Since its inception in 1970, it has been an excellent means of transfer and communication of statistical knowledge for the developing nations across the globe. It publishes original research articles both in theoretical and applied statistics … [ Read More ]

Testing LaTeX

On this node, I am testing LaTeX. A mimetex based latex is being used to produce mathematical equations on website. Testing . The sample mean is defined as  Another Latex to test     In addition to testing mathematical symbols, I am testing a graph to display on the web. Here goes the code [*graph]sin(x)[/graph]. In order to … [ Read More ]

Second news

Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second news node. Second … [ Read More ]

Faculties at ISRT

After completing the Masters program at the University of Nottingham, ISRT faculty Mr Shafiqur Rahmanhas started the PhD in Medical Statistics at the Department of Statistical Sciences, University College London, UK. ISRT faculty Mr Hasinur Rahman Khan has started the PhD program at the Department of Statistics , University of Warwick, UK. Before that he did his Masters from the same … [ Read More ]

Happy new year!

Happy new year and welcome back to ISRT after the long vacation! There are some changes in the ISRT faculties during the vacation. Prof Syed Shahadat Hossain was selected for the prestigious Commonwealth Fellowship for this year and he has already left  for University of Newcastle , UK in the early January.  In the mid December. Mr. Shahed Masud … [ Read More ]

The Top 100 Global Universities

From Newsweek International: In response to the same forces that have propelled the world economy toward global integration, universities have also become more self-consciously global: seeking students from around the world who represent the entire spectrum of cultures and values, sending their own students abroad to prepare them for global careers, offering courses of study that … [ Read More ]

Curzon Hall: A journey through 100 years

By Durdana Ghias: The few names that come to our minds when we mention Dhaka or Dhaka University (DU) — Curzon Hall is one of them. Yesterday this magnificent edifice completed its 100 years but still looks young with the colourful presence of the students. Each year thousands of science students complete their academic degrees … [ Read More ]

Google hosted email for ISRT

Google (TM) is proving email solution for ISRT. The interface will be similar to Google’s popular Gmailservice with only exception being the size will be fixed at 2GB. For the login page, please visit … [ Read More ]