Faculty Research Interests



Dr. M. Sekander Hayat Khan

-Survey Monitoring and Evaluation, Applied Probability, Stochastic Process, Health and Population

Dr. Syed Shahadat Hossain

-Experimental Design, Sampling Methods, Bayesian Analysis, Environmental Statistics

Dr. Azmeri Khan

Experimental Design, Sampling Methods, Inference

Dr. Md. Amir Hossain

-Environmental Statistics, Data mining, Data analysis and interpretation

Begum Zainab

-Sampling, Demography

Mohammad Shuaib

– Sample Survey

Dr. Mahbub Latif

-Design and analysis of experiments, medical statistics, pharmaceutical statistics, multivariate discrete data analysis, statistical computing, public health

Dr. Md. Israt Rayhan

-Poverty, Risk, Vulnerability

Dr. M. Shafiqur Rahman

Formulation and validation of risk prediction models, Modeling clustered/longitudinal data, Medical Statistics

Dr. Tamanna Howlader

-Statistical Image Processing, Multivariate data analysis, Genetic Epidemiology, Survival Analysis

Dr. Mohammad Shahed Masud

-Missing data analysis, Statistical methods in computational neuroscience

Dr Jahida Gulshan

-Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Survival Analysis, Statistical Inference, Stochastic Process, Regression Analysis, Applied Statistics

Dr. Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan

-Variable selection, Model selection, High-dimensional data (censored/complete) analysis tools, Statistical estimation and inference for lifetime models, Biostatistics, Machine learning, Bayesian statistics, Public health, Social statistics

Dr. Mohammad Lutfor Rahman

-Design of Experiments, Optimal Design, Bayesian Statistics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology


Associate Professors:


Dr. Iftakhar Alam

-Clinical Trial Designs, Medical Statistics, and Statistical Computing.

Dr Anower Hossain

-Missing data, Survival Analysis and Randomised Trials

Dr. Mohaimen Mansur

-Time Series Forecasting, Applied Econometrics, Predictive Modelling

Assistant Professors:


Farhana Sadia

-Bayesian Inference, Sampling, Biostatistics, Spatio-temporal Models

Md. Mahsin

-Bayesian Statistics, Survival Analysis, Epidemiology, Econometric Methods

Md. Rashedul Hoque

-Biostatistics, Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Computing, Econometrics

Md. Shaddam Hosain Bagmar

-Design of Experiments, Stochastic Process, Public Health, Time Series Modeling, Multivariate Data Analysis

Mohammad Samsul Alam

-Statistical Inference, Sampling, Experimental Design, Multivariate Techniques, Spatial and Spatio-temporal Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Computational Statistics, Time Series Analysis

Nabil Awan

-Sampling methodology, Survey data analysis, Multivariate analysis, Survival analysis and Biostatistics, Demography, Multilevel and mixed effects modeling, Longitudinal data analysis, Statistical computing with R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata

Paritosh K. Roy

-Predictive modeling, statistical learning, spatial and Spatio-temporal modeling, Bayesian methods, data analysis, statistical computing

Yesmin Akhter





Ajmery Jaman

-Longitudinal data analysis, multivariate discrete data analysis, survival analysis, statistical computing, biostatistics

Elizabeth Bianca Sarker

-Bayesian Inference, Biostatistics, Medical Statistics, Public Health

Humayera Islam

-Environmental Statistics, Biostatistics, Bayesian Analysis, Machine Learning, Spatial and Spatio-temporal modeling

Md. Tuhin Sheikh

-Survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian statistics, biostatistics, joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data, statistical computing

Tahmina Akter

-Biostatistics, Linear Regression, Survival Analysis