ISRT offers 4-year undergraduate program (bachelors degree) in Applied Statistics. Students usually enter into the undergraduate program through the Faculty of Science.


BS Honors in Applied Statistics

The B.S. honors course in Applied Statistics is an integrated four-year program. The program includes courses of both theoretical and applied nature, but more emphasis is given on the applications of the statistical techniques to real life situations. The course is so designed that after successful completion, the graduates are equipped to work efficiently and completely in government and non-government organizations, research organizations, service departments and other related fields.

The examination consists of four parts, one at the end of each academic year. Each student has to take a total of 140 credits over four academic years. These include 107 credits of theoretical courses, 22 credits of computing courses and 8 credits of oral. For theoretical courses, 25 credits are from courses of other disciplines such as Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, etc. Thirty percent marks of the theoretical courses and forty percent marks of the computing courses are allotted for in-course examination.

A student with high academic attainment in S.S.C and H.S.C. or equivalent levels with Mathematics as a subject of study is eligible for admission. The regulations for admission of the students and the examinations will be same as those of the B.S. honors courses in the Faculty of Science.

Offered courses along with their contents can be seen in the syllabus.



B.S. Year                     Session

1st year                       2016-17

2nd year                      2015-16

3rd year                       2014-15

4th year                       2013-14


Batch                           Batch syllabus

20 (4th year)               pdf

21 (3rd Year)              pdf

22 (2nd Year)             pdf

23 (1st Year)              pdf