ISRT offers 1-year graduate program (masters degree) in Applied Statistics. MPhil and PhD degrees in Applied Statistics are offered to suitable candidates on regular basis.


MS in Applied Statistics

The Master of Science (M.S.) program in Applied Statistics is a one academic year program. The minimum requirement for the admission to this program is the successful completion of the B.Sc. Honours degree in Applied Statistics. The regulations for the admission and the examinations will be the same as those of the M.S. courses in the Faculty of Science. There are two types of course designs available for the M.S. program in Applied Statistics:

Group A : M.S. degree based only on course work.

Group B : M.S. degree based on course work and thesis.

Total units for Group A and Group B are 6.0 and 6.5, respectively. Each unit corresponds to 100 marks. Students of both groups must take 4.0 units of theoretical courses of which 2.0 units are compulsory and remaining are elective. For elective part, students can choose four half unit courses from the list of optional courses. The choice of optional courses will depend on the availability of teaching faculties of the institute. In addition, there will be a half unit oral comprehensive course. The remaining units are distributed as follows:

  • Group A: Students from Group A are required to take two statistical computing courses (AST 530 and AST 531) each of which is a half unit course and prepare a project report (AST 550) which will be a half unit course (40% weight of project report will be allotted for presentation and remaining 60% will be allotted for report evaluation).


  • Group B: A selected number of students will be considered for Group B. Students from Group B are required to submit a thesis and defend it (AST 551). The course will carry 1.5 units of which 1.0 unit (100 marks) will be for thesis evaluation and the remaining for thesis presentation. Students of Group B must take the comprehensive statistical computing course (AST 532) which will be a half unit course. It is expected that all thesis students actively participate in seminars organized by the institute.

Each M.S. student (Group A and Group B) will be required to give at least one seminar during the academic year. It is a non-credit course but compulsory. The grade to be assigned will be Satisfactory or Not-Satisfactory. The internal members of the examination committee and the other available members of the academic committee will evaluate the performance in the seminars. In theoretical courses, 20% marks will be allotted for in-course examination and no in–course examination for Statistical Computing courses. In-course evaluation will be made by course teacher in the class, on the basis of continuous assessment and/or examination.

Offered courses along with their contents can be seen in the syllabus.



Session (batch)                         MS

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MPhil in Applied Statistics

Session                                     MPhil

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PhD in Applied Statistics

Session                                     PhD

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