Md. Rashedul Hoque joins ISRT

Md. Rashedul Haque has joined ISRT as an Assistant Professor today on 17th October 2017. He was on leave for his Masters on Biostatistics from Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia (UBC). ISRT family welcomes him back! … [ Read More ]

ISRT lost to Applied Mathematics in inter-department football tournament

ISRT lost to Applied Mathematics by a scoreline of 0-2 in the second round of inter-department football tournament held on 9th October, 2017 at gymnasium playground. Despite the strenuous final examination stress, the team enforced their best effort and displayed excellent spirit. ISRT greatly appreciates such dedication towards the institution and sincerely thanks all the … [ Read More ]

Dr. M. Sekander Hayat Khan joins ISRT as Supernumerary Professor

Dr. M. Sekander Hayat Khan has joined ISRT as a Supernumerary Professor on 28th September, 2017. He was a Professor and Former Director (Tenure: 1999-2002) of ISRT and has phenomenal contribution in the development of this institution. ISRT cordially welcomes Dr. M. Sekander Hayat Khan to the ISRT family. … [ Read More ]

ISRT started a formal statistical consulting service “StatLab”

ISRT has recently launched a statistical consulting service primarily for the students and faculty members of the University of Dhaka under the HEQEP project.With a view to promoting high quality research across all disciplines within the university as well as enhancing training of the students of Applied Statistics, ISRT has developed a statistical laboratory and/or consulting … [ Read More ]


Recent Faculty Publications

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