Freshers’ Reception and Farewell Program Held on March 9, 2022

ISRT organized Freshers’ Reception for Batch 26 & 27 and Farewell  Program for Batch 21 & 22 on Wednesday, March 09, 2022, at 11.00 am at the TSC (auditorium).  Honorable Pro-Vice-Chancellor (academic) Professor A. S. M. Maksud Kamal attended the program as the Chief Guest and honorable Dean, Faculty of Science, Professor Dr. Md. Abdus … [ Read More ]

JSR special issue has been published

ISRT is delighted to announce that a special issue of the Journal of Statistical Research (JSR) has been published ( This special issue is to celebrate the 100-year founding anniversary of the University of Dhaka. This milestone anniversary also coincides with two other memorable anniversaries: the 50th year of independence of Bangladesh and JSR’s 50th year of … [ Read More ]

ISRT faculty members promoted to full Professor and Associate Professor

Dr. Jahida Gulshan, Dr. Mohammad Lutfor Rahman, and Dr. Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan have joined ISRT as Professor on January 30, 2022. All were working as Associate Professor of ISRT before. Dr. Mohaimen Mansur has joined ISRT as the Associate Professor on January 30, 2022. Dr. Mansur was working as an Assistant Professor of ISRT before. ISRT family congratulates all faculty … [ Read More ]


Recent Faculty Publications (Selected)

  1. Gulshan, J., Khan, A. & Islam, M.A. Modelling Correlated Bivariate Binary Data: A Comparative View. Bull. Malays. Math. Sci. Soc. (2022).,

    Author: Jahida Gulshan | Year: 2022

  2. Mondal MH, Rahman MS, Bari W (2022) A penalized likelihood approach for dealing with separation in count data regression model. Communication in Statistics: Simulation and Computation. 

    Author: Dr. M. Shafiqur Rahman | Year: 2022

  3. Mahmud, S., Gulshan, J., Parvez, M., Tasneem, F and Ahmed, S.S. (2022) Etiology and outcome of neonatal cholestasis: an experience in a tertiary center of Bangladesh, Egypt Liver Journal 12, 1.

    Author: Jahida Gulshan | Year: 2022

  4. S. Mahmud, M. Mohsin, F. Sumona and M.H.R. Khan (November, 2021). Redefining Homogeneous Climate Regions in Bangladesh Using Multivariate Clustering Approaches. Natural Hazards, doi: 10.1007/s11069-021-05120-x.

    Author: Dr. Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan | Year: 2021

  5. Khan, J.R. and Gulshan, J. (2021). Assessing the double burden of malnutrition among Bangladeshi reproductive-aged women: A comparison between unconditional and conditional quantile regression, Health Science Reports,

    Author: Jahida Gulshan | Year: 2021

  6. Saha, P and Gulshan, J (2021). Systematic Assessment of COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh: Effectiveness of Preparedness in the First Wave, Frontiers in Public Health

    Author: Jahida Gulshan | Year: 2021

  7. Nusrat N, Rahman MS (2021). Dealing with separation or near-to-separation in the model for multinomial response with application to childhood health seeking behavior data from a complex survey. Journal of Applied Statistics.

    Author: Dr. M. Shafiqur Rahman | Year: 2021

  8. Mansur M., Afiaz A., Hossain M S. (2021). Sociodemographic risk factors of under-five stunting in Bangladesh: Assessing the role of interactions using a machine learning method. PLOS ONE16(8): p.e0256729

    Author: Dr Mohaimen Mansur | Year: 2021

  9. Hasan ATMH, Das SC, Islam MS, Mansur M, Shawon MSR, et al. (2021). Impact of COVID-19 on hospital admission of acute stroke patients in Bangladesh. PLOS ONE 16(1): e0240385.

    Author: Dr Mohaimen Mansur | Year: 2021

  10. Khan, Noor M. and Alam, M. I. (2020). Early stopping in seamless phase I/II clinical trialsPharmaceutical Statistics 20(2), 390-412.

    Author: M. Iftakhar Alam, PhD | Year: 2020